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About the Photographer

Max Ader has been capturing the most unique, beautiful and memorable moments in weddings since 1996.

A native New Yorker, Max was an undergraduate in microbiology at UCSD when he realized his true passion: the art of photography. Max brings to each photographic event a scientist's devotion to detail and an artist's flair to create images bursting with life and emotion.

Anyone can shoot 1000 images and get a good one by accident. It takes talent to not only create romantic portraits but also capture moments - or create moments - whatever the case may be.

Max's approach to wedding photography incorporates the best of photojournalistic and traditional styles. Each wedding consists of formal, romantic and beautiful portraits of the bride and groom AND a full array of candid shots of the entire day.

Max is pleased to travel to destination weddings. He is the photographer of choice for brides and grooms from La Jolla to Las Vegas to Beverly Hills to Miami to Manhattan.